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At Diamond Academy we recognise that children’s minds need stimulation. We strive to develop a child’s natural curiosity in the world around them making learning a fun and rewarding experience.

This section contains detailed information on our Curriculum, and guides parents and pupils through their journey at Diamond Academy and beyond.

Curriculum Statement

As part of the EMAT family of schools, our curriculum is knowledge based. We plan our subject topics to build on the knowledge children will have already gained in previous years which gives them a foundation to build on. We also ensure that the learning is made relevant to our pupils, so they can make connections with their own world, and their own experiences.  This approach ensures the engagement needed to maximise the knowledge they gain from each and every lesson.

Further to this, we are working very hard to introduce topics with direct links to our town. These include History topics based on The Castle Mount and local involvement during the First and Second World Wars.